Why Do People Feel Good To Break Woman’s Hearts

Heart break is not funny

One of the most confusing questions in the heart of humans from antiquity till today has always been why do people feel good to break women’s hearts. It is a rather confusing because a heart-break should be something to cry about but some people sometimes makes it a hobby.

Heartbreak is everybody’s one time experience

I have personally sought to know why it seems rather indifference for some people, especially guys when they break up. I thought a relationship was supposed to be cherished.

We have all had experience of one heartbreak or the other though situations might have been different. I have heard of many women who treated their men well but later got heart broken and the men in the picture will not miss them.

You still wonder why do people feel good to break women’s hearts.

When this situations happen you as the lady will ask yourself what you really did wrong, some ladies even go as far as asking if they were not beautiful enough for their man to at least reciprocate their love.


whew! you are beautiful and perfect for any man to cherish but maybe you met the wrong guy that momma forgot to teach him how to value a good lady.

A question was asked many years ago on:

Why are you breaking a good woman’s heart?

Be careful enough to read a reply from one of the men that replied:

I can only speak for myself personally why people feel good to break woman’s hearts.

Every time I broke a good woman’s heart it was because we started out as friends, co-workers, or even maybe went on a few dates and yet I did NOT develop any kind of sexual attraction to her.

I know logically that she was a good person but I just did not feel anything…

Sigh… The problem with humans (especially lonely ones or ones that are really attracted to someone) is that any real time you spend with someone-especially if you are having lots of fun-you assume that it all means more than what it really means.

So you start to develop strong feelings for someone who does not feel the same way, you two hang out a lot, you two laugh and joke a lot, you two have the same values and goals, so you suck it up and confess


They don’t feel the same way and thus you are heartbroken and he or she feels guilty and does the only think they can think of… distance themselves from you

And that is why I break good women’s heart, because I never wanted her heart in the first place just her friendship.


Apart from this, it may interest you to know that “Nobody is as good or as bad as you’re”. Because if this which I may want to term as individual differences that plays a vital role for any relationship to work.

  1. Lack of compatibility: This is seen mostly in a relationship that was build on “Love at first sight” where you barely know the partner but you go ahead to give all. Most of the times, while you are busy giving your all, the man is busy asking himself if you are both compatible.
  2. Lack of fidelity: I was talking with a friend of mine about what led to her last break up, she stated that she loved the guy and was buying him all the good things but she could not stay faithful.
  3. Laziness with finance: You may be thinking that you’re the best lady on the planet but fail to know one of the things that men value most. Most men love a lady with a good level of financial education and discipline.

Nobody is perfect but it is good to stay in a relationship in such a way that your man or woman will sure miss you if you have a reason to break up.

Contribute to your relationship and be longed for many years after you have gone.

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