Recently I think I have been feeling very confused after I started observing this schizophrenic patient do what is supposed to bean eye-saw. How a man man be saving money to buy a newspaper everyday to read, without fail?

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Are you surprise too? If you are then we are even right now.



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I noticed something unique about him and today I decided to take pictures of him in the process without his knowledge.

This madman is always buying PUNCH newspaper for himself everyday to update himself about the current issues of the nation. Punch newspaper is sold for 200 naira which is almost $1 a copy.
I believe he has been putting aside #200 everyday just to buy a newspaper.

As a future leader, when last did you consciously, sacrificially and intelligently add knowledge to yourself through reading?

Please share this post until it reaches a psychiatrist/psychologist or any mental health worker that can give an explanation to this.

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