How to Care for your Pet

Having a pet is a fun and
rewarding experience. You get
to enjoy the companionship of
other creatures aside from
humans, and depending on what
kind of pet you have, each has a
different kind of personality —
some are bubbly, some are shy,
and some are even grumpy! No
matter what their personality is,
your pet is special to you and
you always find them amazing.
You get that rewarding feeling
of gratefulness and satisfaction
that you can only get from
bringing home a furry (or not-
so-furry) friend!

Pet owners should return the
love they’re given by providing
their animals with proper care.
Taking care of pets is fun, yet a
little hard because you have new
responsibilities – but you won’t
mind doing a few extra chores
for your best four-legged friend!
To make your pets happy and
healthy, here are the basic
necessities that all responsible
pet owners need to provide:

Find a good vet.
Finding a vet that you feel comfortable with is just like finding a doctor for yourself. Ask for recommendations from friends or neighbors about vets in your community. Having a vet that is relatively close to you will be helpful in the event of an emergency. Also, your vet’s office will provide you with a list of required vaccinations and annual visits you’ll need in the first stages and throughout your pet’s life so that you’ll be prepared when you bring your new pet home.

In order for your pet to grow up
healthy and live a longer life,
give them food that meets their
nutritional needs! For example,
the diet of a senior dog may
differ from that of a puppy.
Senior dogs may have problems
with chewing and/or digestion,
so it’s more recommended to
give them a soft or wet diet.
You won’t be giving the same
food to every pet.

Don’t forget to give pets the
right amount of food, too!
Overfeeding your pet or giving
them too many treats could lead
to obesity, which could
consequently trigger more
health problems such as heart
disease, renal problems, and
more. Weigh your options when
it comes to pet food to avoid
these kinds of illnesses — and if
you don’t exactly know what
foods are best for your pet, it’s
a great idea to ask the opinion
of your vet!

Just like human beings, pets
need water in order to survive.
Always provide a clean, fresh
bowl of water to any and all
animals in your care! Make it
accessible to them by placing it
near their food bowl, and
remember to refill your pet’s
water bowl at least two times a
day. This will keep them cool,
hydrated, and healthy!
If your pet lives in water, like
fish and turtles, clean aquariums
at least once a week. Failing to
do so could lead to smelly tanks
and sick pets!

Many pets enjoy the great
outdoors, but that doesn’t mean
they don’t need a safe shelter
when outside! Protect dogs,
cats, chickens, and more from
the weather – including extreme
hot and cold temperatures – by
putting kennels or houses with
roofs in your backyard. Fresh
water should also be kept
outside at all times for pets
when they’re not indoors.
You may also want to bring your
pets indoors when really bad
weather hits, or once it gets
dark. Predators like coyotes tend
to lurk at night, and they might
find your pets as suitable prey.
Keep your pet safe (and close!)
by bringing them indoors with

Many types of pets can be
housebroken, allowing them the
opportunity to roam the house
without the worries of
accidents. Cats should be
provided at least one litter box,
and dogs can be taught how to
use doggy doors, potty pads, or
to wait for walks to relieve

No matter where your pet’s
bathroom is, be sure to clean it
regularly. Observing proper
hygiene and sanitation will
prevent dirt and bacteria from
piling up, and help protect your
pet’s health. Your pets will
greatly appreciate having a clean
area to do their business, too!
To ensure that your pets are
healthy and nimble, you should
take them to a local, trusted
veterinarian for wellness check-
ups at least once a year. If your
furry friend is showing signs or
symptoms of being sick, take
them to your vet or animal
hospital right away to get them
feeling better sooner rather than

Along with a proper diet, also
make sure that your pet gets the
exercise it needs . Proper diet
plus exercise equals minimal vet
visits! Another way to keep your
pets healthy and happy is to
regularly groom them (if
needed). Dogs and cats may not
like it, but baths, brushings, nail
trims, and flea/tick removal are
necessary parts of life!

Pets also benefit from
socialization, whether that’s
regular interaction with you,
having guests come over, or
trips outside of the house.
Expand their horizons and
improve their people skills by
helping them to safely
experience new things!
With the above tips, you and
your beloved pet are well on
your way to a lifetime of
happiness together!

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